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Alexander David Ba(hons) ,D.Hyp,
    Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist
    Registered Hypno-anesthesiologist
    Alex is the founder of the Alexander Psyche Centre and lead instructor in the Training Academy.
    Alex is a highly experienced hypnotist and an innovator in the Hypotherapy field. His personal creation Chronology Lock a combined therapy, a method which delivers extremely powerful, fast and permanent behavioral changes has been incredibly effective when applied to a number of therapy areas including addictions, phobias and stress or anxiety related problems. This unique method is so effective that most clients also report significant improvement in all areas of their lives following treatment.
    For many people Chronology Lock is the fastest and most effective way to eliminate negative behaviors and thoughts forever while vastly increasing your overall well-being, confidence, motivation, drive, tenacity, lust for life and general happiness
    After 11 years of clinical practice in London, Edinburgh and Munich Alex now has a limited number of clinic spaces available for consultation in Dorset and Somerset.


Qualifications & Training

We offer the most advanced Hypnotherapy available in Dorset and Somerset.
    Even the most seemingly simple issues in your life often have complex and multi-faceted root causes. During the hypnotic state we can explore the subconscious to discover and tackle the deepest reasons for your issues. Hypnosis also allows us to replace negative and limiting beliefs with new suggestions and behaviors in the sub-concious mind. This dual approach of confronting the root of the problem and making deep belief changes creates powerful and permanent positive change.
    Most of our work takes place in varying depths of the hypnosis but during this state we will also, where appropriate, draw on our experience and training in other therapy areas to create well rounded and complete tailored solutions.
   Our Hypnosis programme promises safe, fast, life changing results in a safe professional environment.
    All our clients are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality is assured. 
    Our hypnotherapists are trained and experienced in many methods including:
        Deep Hypno-analysis and regression therapies
        Eriksonian hypnosis and suggestion therapy
        Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
        Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
        Neuro Cognitive Conditioning
        Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

These methods will be interwoven and applied in ways that compliment the Hypnotherapy work where appropriate for the individual client
    Our Hypnotic methods include:
        Rapid or Covert Inductions
        Ultra Depth 
        Cognition Lock 
        EEG Hypnosis
        Timeline Therapy 

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Available treatments

Assertiveness Training, Counselling / Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual / Energy Healing, Weight Control